L-Acoustics Level II, Loudspeaker System Calibration LSC - NEU

This training day covers methods and recommendations for the calibration of a loudspeaker system. It includes practice with M1, the L-Acoustics tool for measurement and tuning.

This module is a full day dedicated to the calibration of a loudspeaker system in a touring, rental or fixed installation project:

  • Concepts and definitions linked to calibration, tuning and frequency response
  • Tuning recommendations in terms of equalization and alignment, based on simulation and measurements
  • Calibration process covering office preparation, onsite verification, acoustic measurement, onsite tuning and system handover
  • L-Acoustics tools for system optimization: Soundvision software, P1 measurement station, M1 tuning tool

In order to take full advantage of this training, participants should have good knowledge of acoustic principles and L-Acoustics software. It is also recommended to be familiar with Soundvision autosolvers and the main P1 functionalities, which are presented in the System Fundamentals training day from 2019 onwards.