DiGiCo SD V1069

  • Diese Version lässt sich für alle SD Konsolen in üblicher Weise vom Server des Vertriebs herunter laden. Schön, dass neue Features weiter für alle SD Konsolen erhältlich sind. :)

    New Features

    Support for SD7 Quantum session file conversion

    Support for DMI AMM and DMI ME (SD12 and SD7Q)

    A new panel, Aux nodes in the Layout menu shows all the aux sends from the last selected channel or buss on the master screen

    A new Option, solo displays aux nodes will open the aux nodes panel when a channel is soloed.

    In the solos panel, keypad entry has been added to Delay times.

    Once surface layer 4 or above has a bank in it, pressing the surface layer button will change the bank selectors to layer selectors (SD7Q).

    Copy Audio panel in now included within Audio IO in Live security.

    On SD12, the USB audio connection to Mac computer has been amended to improve stability.

    Channel Undo now excludes CG membership.

    Fixes since V987

    In some console models, an Orange box with Optocore/Dante would not pass more than 32 channels at 48kHz

    If an Optocore DMI card in an Orange Box at 96kHz was set as 2 x 32 channels and you were using the outputs in the second port, the Optocore map would report an error.

    On SD12, SD racks connected via Optocore were not being reported in Update Hardware.

    When viewing GEQs in an unfolded stereo buss and changing banks an Access violation could occur.

    On SD10, an Access Violation could occur while switching surface view where the surfaces are viewing the dynamics panels and the underscreen aux sends panel.

    Clearing Group full safes was leaving the background of the group label red.

    Copy button in the EQ panel did not copy between layers.

    Moving a snapshot or cue down the list could result in the current snapshot no longer being highlighted.

    Using a macro to lock Optocore would always show ID1 as locked even if the console was not ID1.

    In Theatre, Channel LCDs would not show the true fader on/off state when recalling banks with cues.

    In Theatre, a change to fader touch behavior has been reversed as it was causing issues with CGs levels when recalling cues.

    On SD12 when a rack was connected by MADI via a DMI MADI, there was a possibility of an intermittent connection.

    SD12 worksurfaces could incorrectly report a disconnection error or occasionally stop responding.

    Fixes since V1026 (SD7Q)

    External gate Keys were not being switched when Listen to Copied audio was active.

    At 48kHz where a MADI port was set to redundant mode, it was not possible to set the sync source to the redundant connection.

    When looking at the Audio IO Panel when listen to copied audio is engaged, metering would not be showing until the port view was refreshed.


  • Ich meine, das geht schon länger.

    Ich nutze es nicht, weil ich es nicht schaffe, mein Mausrad so einzustellen, dass ich nicht ewig kurbeln muß. Veränderung der Zeilenanzahl pro "Maus-Raster" in den Mauseinstellungen bringt nichts. Maus ist eine Logitech M185, mit anderen Mäusen / Win7pro64 immer das Gleiche ...

    Vielleicht weiß jemand Abhilfe, damit man sich da nicht den Wolf abrädelt?