T. Amp Proline 2700 Diagramm erforderlich

  • Hallo :)

    Ich bin Marcin,

    Entschuldigung für mein Deutsch, ich benutze google translate. Ich habe viele Foreneinträge gesehen über diesen Verstärker, deshalb habe ich beschlossen, hier zu schreiben.

    ich kaufte t. amp proline 2700 Verstärker, aber er ist alles ausgezogen. Ich benötige eine Verbindungsbeschreibung. Gibt es jemanden hier, der Bilder hat diese Drähte?


    Hello everyone :) Sorry for my Deutsch, i am english speaker.

    I bought T. Amp Proline 2700 power amplifier, but it is disassembled. Previous owner wanted to make "DIY" project from that and put that in new case. The amplifier itself is working. I have all of the components including transformator, transistor boards, radiators, control boards etc. But i have no clue how connect it all together as there are no wiring diagrams available on the internet.

    Is there someone who had this amplifier and could share a picture of the connections of the power board with capacitors?

    I saw many pictures of T. Amp Proline 3000, but it seems the connections are different than in 2700 model.

    I would much appreciate that. I can also give some small gift via paypal if you wish to.

    Best Regards,